I like to believe that
what I do is not just good, It's amazing!

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My skills

I do full stack web development but I define myself as a back end developer, I love creating infrastructures and build communication, In may free time I also make games I find them challenging and fun to make

My stacks

When it comes to languages and frameworks I'm very flexible. I pick the language based on the project, which is what brought me to my favorite language so far: Golang

The power of Go, apart from it's simplicity, is multipurpose, It's perfect for back end application, but It can be useful on front end as well!
With the wasm (WebAssembly) build it can run on browser, and with gomobile it can run on mobile devices too!

Most importantly, Go is very fast!

In the past I used Java to make desktop apps and mobile games.
Two years ago I switched to C# and Unity3D to keep making games, near the end of 2018 I converted my skills the web stack started with the basics HTML CSS JS
then moved to react to complete my front end journey
I have been and will be in touch with a few other techs in the coming months
Like Angular, Wordpress, PHP and many e-commerce platforms

My favorite part of the web stack is the back end, where everything meet
I can do it with node, but if I can choose, I will choose Go

  • AWS - GO - HTML - CSS - JS - React.js - Bootstrap
  • AWS - Wordpress - HTML - CSS - JS - React.js - Bootstrap
  • Firebase - Node.js - HTML - CSS - JS - React.js - Bootstrap
  • AWS - GO - Unity3D
  • Any network card - GO - Any network card


A few examples of services I can offer

Micro service

If your website/app needs to elaborate some data on a remote server, consider it done!

Landing page

A landing page is simple, beautiful and most importantly, fast!

Web app + PWA

If you need a platform I can do it as well, it will require more time and complexity than a landing page, but It will still maintain beauty and speed. If you decide to mutate into a PWA it will also be available offlinex

Mobile app

There are many ways to do a mobile app: react-native,Unity3d,Go. And they can all be used in different situation, for only android application Java can also be an option

HTML email

This can have different levels: Only creation of the email, Implementation in a website/app or as a micro service, In all the cases, the result will be beautiful


The creation of a game is rarely simple, and it requires time, for this reason I prefer to work on games that I personally like

Why choose me?

If you need a programmer, choose a persone who loves programming

Focus on the objective

Organized work and communication

can speak fluently English, Italian and French

Want to contact me now?

If this was enough to choose me as your trusted developer, contact me now, if not, take a look at my projects they will convince you I promise

Let's talk about GGS

GGS is a personal project I've been working on for a few months already. GGS was born as a tool to create server for games, with a simple configuration, it handles the messages and the action to play a multiplayer game, like matchmaking, object position synch and many more. GGS later evolved in a more generic tool, that uses the same logic to handle the actions of a complete blockchain, The basics are there, all the game communication, even if it still needs some tweaking. The blockchain part is still in early stage, but the material which will make the programming easier

  • Game server
  • Blockchain node
  • Blockchain wallet
  • General purpose server
More GGS

Some examples of my work

  • All
  • HTTP
  • TCP
  • Other

Landing page

A simpe GET requets to a Go server on an AWS machine, returns an HTML page with react.js and bootstrap

work in progress


GGS is a framework to build server for games and complete a blockchain

work in progress




This is similar to the Landig page, but it saves it's data to be accessible offline available on desktop and mobile

work in progress



Simple chat

A go server accepts a room name and a username, and allow the users in the same room to chat

work in progress

HTML email

An email style with html and css, insert the email to receive it

work in progress

HTML email


Secure data

Send encrypted data to a server using TLS

work in progress

Verified chat

This version of the chat uses ECDSA signature to verify users identity

work in progress

All in Docker

All the examples can be run together in a Docker container

work in progress